‘Skyfall’ Review

Skyfall is the 23rd Bond film, and Daniel Craigs 3rd film playing James Bond. (Warning: if you haven’t seen Skyfall yet, this review may contain some spoilers. I believe it’s a good film that’s definitely worth seeing). If you want to, you can view the Skyfall trailer.

The standouts

One of the biggest standout features of Skyfall for me was Javier Bardems’ performance as Raoul Silva, the main villain. I first saw Javier Bardem in the Mexican film Biutiful, released in 2010, earlier this year. In Biutiful, he gave a very entertaining and believable performance, and he delivered such a performance in Skyfall as well. For example, when he is locked up late in the film, he performs a very believable crazy villain.

Another standout feature of Skyfall is the plot. Almost every scene in the film was easy to link to other scenes in the film in terms of why the events occurred and what previous event caused them to occur. With many action films, the plot tends to be simply ‘bad guy does something bad, so the good guy chases him down, and shoots/blows up anything in his way’. While Skyfall doesn’t stray too far from this formula, as can be expected from a Hollywood film, the plot is quite well fleshed out overall. However, there are some areas that aren’t so well fleshed out, such as why Bond chooses to take M to the mansion named Skyfall.

The bad points

One bad thing about Skyfall is the obvious product placement that occurs in the film. This happens most prominently with Heineken beer and Sony laptops. The most prominent Sony laptop is used by Q (the quartermaster) to try and wok out what Silva plans to do after his escape. The laptop later gets infected with malware, which probably isn’t the best way to advertise Sony laptops.

The other main instance of product placement is when Bond drinks a Heineken beer while on a secluded beach in the middle of nowhere with a beautiful women in bed next to him. This seems to me to be an ad for Heineken saying ‘drink Heineken to feel like Bond would right now’, although the chances of that actually happening are nonexistent.

Aside from the product placement, there aren’t any major bad points about Skyfall.


In summary, I believe Skyfall is a good film with a good plot, though it does feature some obvious product placement that detracts from the overall quality of the film.


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