Google Won’t Release Native Windows 8 or Phone Apps Until People Start Using the OS’s

BGR recently posted an article about Google’s desire to not develop native GMail or Google Drive apps for the Windows 8 or Windows Phone operating systems. This could have some interesting implications for the uptake of Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

What impact could this have on the uptake of Windows 8 and Windows Phone?

This may not be such a big issue for uptake of Windows 8 (at least non-RT versions), as they can run these services within a browser, which is usually a good enough experience for many of their users. However, this could have a negative impact on the uptake of smartphones running Windows Phone and tablets running Windows RT. This is because cloud (and especially Google Drive) integration is far more important for phones and tablets, which have very limited storage capacities relative to computers, than it is for computers. This decision by Google could also cause users to choose iOS or Android devices over Windows Phone or RT devices because of the lack of integration with these Google services, which will further reduce Windows Phone’s market share.

However, if consumers have an acceptable method for accessing GMail and Google Drive on their tablet or smartphone running Windows Phone or RT outside of native apps, such as Windows 8’s integrated Mail app, then it may not be such a big issue. If this is the case, and uptake of these OS’s is sufficient for Google to develop native apps, then people will have one more way to access these Google services. I believe that will be a good thing, because different users have different needs, so they will have more choice for what method of accessing Google’s services best fits their needs.


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