‘TRON: Legacy’ Review

TRON: Legacy is quite an interesting movie, overall. 

It has 3 of the same people who were involved with the first TRON film, which was released in 1982, almost 25 years before TRON: Legacy was released in 2010. They are:

  • Jeff Bridges, the actor who played Kevin Flynn and Clu in the original film and the same characters in Legacy
  • Bruce Boxleitner, who played Tron and Alan Bradley in the original and the same characters in Legacy
  • Steven Lisberger, a writer for both films, the director of the original film and a producer for Legacy

TRON: Legacy also has a director, Joseph Kosinski, who was previously an architect before working on this film. As anyone who has seen it will know, the architecture of the buildings in TRON: Legacy, particularly within the world of Tron, is quite distinct and interesting.

I believe that the point of this film is fairly simple: the world is in trouble and we need to do something about it. This message is particularly apparent, at least for me, towards the end of the film. That’s my interpretation of the film, though your interpretation may vary.

The Stand-outs

One of the biggest stand-outs in this film for me was the gorgeous visual effects. Given that the original TRON made heavy use of some impressive visual effects, that probably doesn’t come as a surprise. It did that, at least in part, through its’ use of 3D and CGI.

Another way it pushed the envelope for visual effects was through the motion capture of Jeff Bridges face, which was then run through the visual effects team to make him look younger, and then digitally added on top of the face of the actor doing Clu.

Another stand-out of TRON: Legacy for me was the acting. Jeff Bridges is, I believe, a really great actor, and his performance in this film was amazing. The performances by Garret Hedlund and Olivia Wilde were also, I believe, superb. However, the most believable and unique performance for me came from Michael Sheen, who played Castor/Zuse, even though his character’s role is a relatively small one in the overall film. That’s because his performance is just so believable.

Another stand-out for me was the music, composed by Daft Punk. I believe that the music complemented the on-screen action nicely, and it gave the world of Tron a very electronic sort of feel. And I happen to like electronic music, which may have something to do with that.

The Bad Points

There weren’t any bad points in the film for me, which is fairly unusual. Most films, while they are usually pretty good, are not perfect (some more so than others). However, this film, for me, was very entertaining, with not one dull moment. That, I believe, comes down to having a solid script on which to base the film, as well as good directing, good acting and good music, among other things.


TRON: Legacy is a very entertaining film, with superb visual effects, acting and music.


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