Review of ‘Computer Savvy’ by The J. Arthur Keenes Band

Computer Savvy‘ by The J. Arthur Keenes Band is an album of chiptune-style music, and it is an album that I quite enjoy listening to. It is one of the easiest to listen to chiptunes albums I have ever come across, and many of the songs in the album have lyrics, which is fairly uncommon for chiptunes, going by the chiptunes I’ve come across before. The songs on this album incorporate some instruments that aren’t usually used in chiptunes, such as a ukulele, and there is some apparent influence from other genres which helps to make the songs a bit more interesting.

Before listening to this album, I had never heard of the J. Arthur Keenes Band, so I was a little surprised at how good this album is. Overall, I’d say this is quite a good and interesting album.


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