WINE for Android is Being Developed

The Next Web has recently reported that the original developer of WINE, an emulator allowing users to run Windows programs within other operating systems, is developing a version of WINE for use on Android.

This is significant because it means that anyone with an Android device will be able to run windows applications on their device. Because of this, the number of programs you will be able to run on an Android device will increase quite significantly, as there are a large number of Windows programs that have been created over the many years that Windows has been around. This could potentially increase the usefulness of Android quite a bit. However, the only people who are likely to use WINE on an Android device are tech-savvy geeks, so it’s likely that not everyone with an Android device will use WINE for Android.

As Ars Technica has noted, running Windows applications on an Android smartphone may not make a lot of sense, as Windows applications are often designed with larger (13-inch or larger) screens in mind. However, it could be useful on an Android tablet or similar device.


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