‘Casablanca’ Review

Casablanca, released in 1942, is quite an old film, but it is still very interesting and funny. It’s set in Casablanca, a city in Morocco in Northern Africa, which is referred to as ‘unoccupied France’ in the film a few times. 

Sure, it may not have the latest special effects or be in 3D, but it is still a very interesting film. This film was originally released as a propaganda film by the Americans, which is made obvious by the number of people, either explicitly in the film or alluded to in a passing mention, who have managed to escape the Germans and the French police in Casablanca. Despite that, it is one of the few films I have seen where the audience actually audibly laughed at the jokes in the film. Admittedly, I haven’t seen many comedy films at the cinema, but even going by the films I have seen at the cinema, it is fairly unusual for the audience to audibly laugh at the jokes in the film as often as they did in Casablanca.

What’s good about Casablanca?

The acting from all the actors is superb. This is something that I believe can make or break a film. In Casablanca, even the actors in smaller roles act their roles superbly, which makes the film very enjoyable to watch and much more believable than if the roles were poorly acted. It also adds a few laughs here and there, such as when the pickpocket takes a mans wallet in the opening scene, it is funny in a later scene when he takes another mans wallet in Ricks bar and bumps into another man on the way out, causing the man to check his pockets to make sure he hasn’t been pick-pocketed.

The script is also very good, delivery many witty one-liners. Theatre writers wrote the script rather than screenwriters, who are the ones who usually write the script for a film, which means that story and characters are very well fleshed out. This helps to make the story more believable.

What’s bad about Casablanca?

The only thing that is bad about Casablanca for me is that in the closing scene, Rick tells Ilsa that the quest of one or two people doesn’t amount to much in the grand scheme of things. There’s nothing wrong with that in itself, but that is what Ilsa is trying to tell Rick for the bulk of the film, so it seems odd that it would be coming from Rick in the final scene.


Overall, Casablanca is a superb film, with great acting and a good script. The only let down is when Rick tells Ilsa what she’s been trying to tell him for the bulk of the film.


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