‘Pitch Perfect’ Review

Pitch Perfect is about Beca, a university sophomore who wants to move to LA to work in music production, who ends up joining the universities’ female acapella group, the Bardem Bellas. The film follows the groups journey to the finals of a national acapella competition in hopes of winning it after a disastrous performance the previous year.

This film is in some ways similar to Glee, but there are some differences as well. For a film, Pitch Perfect is a fairly unique concept. I haven’t come across any similar films, though there are a few films around that do portray singing in some capacity (such as Country Strong). There’s even a shot taken at Glee early in this film, which is pulled off quite well.

In Harmony

As a significant part of this film, the singing has the potential to make or break this film. The singing in this film is spectacular, with some interesting performances from all groups involved in the competitions. The quality of the singing improves as the film goes along, which helps to show the Bellas’ progression from a random group of strangers trying to sing to a group of close-knit friends putting everything they have into their performance. The trials and successes of the group is one of the main things that helps the film to progress, and adds to the poignancy of the film.

The singing in this film depends on the performances by all the actors, as they each play a part in the performance of the various groups in the film. Each of the actors give outstanding performances, especially those from Anna Kendrick, who plays Beca, and Brittany Snow, who plays Chloe. These characters are well-developed and believable, and are fairly easy to relate to as a viewer of this film.

In Discord

One bad point about this film, for me, is the few jokes that fall flat because they’re either weird, crude or simply delivered poorly. This is only a minor thing, but it has a moderate impact on the overall experience of the film.

In addition to that, some of the performances that the Bellas give early in the film are hard to watch simply because they’re not good performances.


Overall, Pitch Perfect is an enjoyable film, with good performances and outstanding singing, let down only by a few bad jokes and some of the earlier performances by the Bellas. Despite that, I believe that this is one of the best films of 2012, because it is a unique concept for a film (aside from obvious similarities to Glee).


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