The Cinema

Right on the stroke of 7:30 she walked in. Her blonde shoulder-length hair was gently blown by the breeze as she stepped through the door into the café. He had already found a seat. He liked the spacious leather armchair in the corner next to the window. He found it comforting.

The Bohemian had become their regular meeting spot, the one place where they could sit and talk for hours. Joey and Lauren had been dating for a while now. They had become close friends, having mastered the art of talking for hours about anything they cared about so they could know each other better.

They quickly ordered coffee and started talking.

“Hey, you know that new film that’s playing, the bible story one?” Joey asked.

“Yea,” Lauren replied.

“I’ve heard it’s pretty good. Do you want to see it some time?”

“Yea, sure. I think it’s on at 8 tonight at the Roxy. Do you want to see it tonight?”

“Yea, sure.”

After a quick chat, they headed around the corner to the cinema. The Roxy was a unique cinema. It was decorated like a typical cinema from 60 years ago, with spacious leather chairs, curtains that covered the screens and a small box office to purchase tickets and an assorted collection of sweets. Joeys favourite feature of the cinema was the life-size bronze Gandalf statue that greeted cinema-goers in the lobby.

After getting their tickets, they found their seats and started talking about the film. The film soon began.

Almost 2 and a half hours later, they emerged from the cinema. They talked about the film all the way to Laurens house as Joey drove her home.

Joey was seriously beginning to like this woman.

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