The noise from the nightclub across the street was drowned out by the din from the crowd around them, the hard wood floor amplifying the clacking of heels and the scraping of stools. He sipped a wheat beer, the hints of banana waking up his taste buds after the fight earlier that evening.

Arrogant and drunk, he still managed to hit Joey in the mouth before being beaten. Joey was proud of his ability to defend Lauren.

Lauren had just finished ordering when the police officers came in the door, quickly spotting them. Just as the waffles where arriving, they were gone.

They found a seat and dug in. The chocolate-covered waffles where far too tempting to leave any longer.

The ice cream parlour up the road offered the perfect follow-up to chocolate waffles; Feijoa sorbet. It was Laurens favourite.

Slowly making their way to the car, taking the scenic route along the waterfront, they eventually made it home.

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