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The First Fine Under the New Copyright Law Has Been Given

The NBR (National Business Review) has recently reported that the first fine under the new copyright law in New Zealand was given recently to someone who downloaded and shared 2 songs, one of them twice. The law requires that 3 notices be sent to someone who has allegedly been caught file sharing before any form of punishment can be given. The accused says that the downloading of the Hot Chelle Rae song “was not done by myself or anyone in this household”, though the law holds the account holder responsible for any alleged file sharing.  Continue reading

Finnish Police Took a 9 year old Girls Winnie the Pooh Laptop

A bit over a week ago, TorrentFreak reported that Finnish police raided the home of a file-sharing suspect and took a 9 year old girls Winnie the Pooh laptop at the request of CIAPC, the Copyright Information and Anti-Piracy Centre, who acted on the behalf of Warner Music, because she tried to download one album of a local musicians music. The album she tried to download didn’t actually end up working, so she went with her dad and bought it in a local store. Her families house was later raided, and her laptop was taken, by local police.

This has also been reported by BGR. Continue reading